sweet marie productions

Randi Hoffmann, an award winning director and photographer, has traveled the globe for over 20 years producing documentaries and narratives. She is currently producing a video and website called New York Birds, and last directed The Other Side of Joy, a Telluride Indiefest winner that premiered at the International Munich Film Festival. Her ability to step into the lives of her characters has touched audiences since directing her first documentary, Anthony: Blessed Are the Poor in Mind, produced by One to One for ABC.

While working for international news gathering service UPITN and making two television documentaries, The Other Reality and Pending War, Randi traveled throughout Iran, documenting the border between Iran and Iraq just days before war broke out. She has taken these images and experiences to another level by creating photographic documentary, Roses and Nightingales.

Tscherwonez, a movie directed and storyboarded by Randi and produced by ZDF TV Germany and Werner Grassman, premiered at the Berlin Film Festival. It has enjoyed theatrical release and won the prestigious Max Ophul's Prize. Debby's Nervous Breakdown, a narrative short that also premiered at the International Muncih Film Festival, won several prizes including one at Nashville .

Amadeus and Nannerl an hourly six part children's series produced for Austrian ORF TV. Featuring young Amadeus Mozart and his sister, it's a wonderland filled with music, art and delightful characters.

Randi works as an HAI artist, producing and editing young adults' stories on videos. Westchester Stories includes videos by teenagers in residence at Westchester Medical Center, Cedar Knolls and Linden Hill.

The Temple Beautiful, Shadow of the Moon and Ground Zero.1 are other projects in development at Sweet Marie Productions.

email: info@sweetmarieproductions.com