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THE OTHER SIDE OF JOY, 2003. Directed by Randi Hoffmann (Color /59 mins.)

sweet marie productions feature film: THE OTHER SIDE OF JOY

Sarah is obsessed with forcing Joy to acknowledge their past relationship, whereas Joy is determined to leave that past far behind her. Premiered at Munich International Film Festival and featured at Telluride Indiefest,The Other Side of Joy is a compelling psychological drama. Featuring musical legend Odetta, cinematograhy by Lisa Rinzler and haunting score by Scarlet Rivera and Tommy Eyre,

"It's unlike any film I've ever seen. A religious horror film, sort of a cross between Maya Deren and Sam Fuller's "Shock Corridor" - Henry Bean, director (The Believer).

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A script in six parts, created for European television, features the young Amadeus Mozart and his sister, Nannerl. Every night, the two children visit a secret wonderland where they encounter fantastic animals and mermaids, a time machine and Pythagoras. Teaching music, math, art and science.

Children's Games, by Pieter Breughal. Roll the cursor over the painting to see the children play!
  sweet marie productions: AMADEUS AND NANNERL

  sweet marie productions: OPERATION PAINTBALL


Operation Paintball features valuable safety tips, movement and strategy by professional paintball players. Paintball is a serious sport, and this DVD video teaches you how to play the game right. In light of a recently published study (see "When Paintball meets Eyeball", NY Times, 1/6/04), which concludes that paintball injuries have tripled in recent years, Operation Paintball is both timely and invaluable. Paintball is fun and it can be safe, but like any serious sport, there are doís and doníts to the game. Operation Paintball teaches you how to play safely and well! Produced by Timeline Entertainment and Sweet Marie Productions, Operation Paintball is a must have for players serious about their game!


WESTCHESTER STORIES (video art project)

This ongoing series encompasses work done by teenagers from Manhattan public schools and special needs students at Cedar Knolls and Westchester Medical Center. Randi Hoffmann, an HAI video artist, has worked with students for many years, producing, taping and editing their stories. Each artist creates a video animatic, based on a story, feeling, or song. The project is a great success because so many kids finish and do well.

  sweet marie productions: WESTCHESTER STORIES

sweet marie productions short film: DEBBIE'S NERVOUS BREAKDOWN


A dramatic short about Debby's contentious relationship with her sister, and her seeming descent into psychosis and paranoia. The images explore the shifting boundaries between reality and hallucination, and won awards from the Nashville Film Festival and The Photographic Society of America.

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