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MozArt Land
A Synopsis

Set in the magical cities of Salzburg and Vienna, Austria, “MozArt Land” is a surprising children’s series filled with fantasy, adventure and art.

Amadeus Mozart was six years old when he wrote his first opera. He was considered a child prodigy and one of the best musicians of all time. Amadeus was very spirited and mischievous, with a penchant for playing pranks. Unlike most children, he spent his youth playing and creating music, performing concerts throughout Europe. Much as he loved music, he had little time for children’s play. He was a working child, much as young actors are today.

Maria Anna Mozart, known as Nannerl, was Amadeus’ older sister and a fellow gifted musician, who accompanied Amadeus and their father on many of their concerts. Nannerl took seriously her role as Amadeus’s older sister, and was both his protector and playmate.

One magical night, their favorite little music box begins to turn and play. It heralds the arrival of three angels, who unbeknownst to the children, have long enjoyed their music and know of their secret desire for play. Silence, Radiance, and Melody are Queen Luna’s emissaries, and have come to gift the children with the opportunity to play in their world.

Melody presents bells, Radiance, a glowing key, and Silence, the magic flute, all which enable the children to embark upon their adventure. The flute points the way to a hidden door, which the children open to discover a secret passageway.
They are led to an enchanted world, which so delights young Amadeus that he promptly names it, “MozArt Land”. In this world the children encounter many fantastic and whimsical inhabitants, and they quickly make friends with Babu, the dancing bear, Zoltan, a two headed eagle, Hans Lucas, the cunning fox, and a plethora of other enchanting creatures. Meet Luna, our ethereal goddess, Donar, the ancient wise Oak, and Sigmundine, the inscrutable mermaid.  Flower, the lovable narcissist, keeps company with Donar, and Pan, the gruff goat-man with music in his soul, can be very scary!

MozArtland is a wonderland of art, light, color and music, as well as mathematics and science. Pythagoras and Galileo come alive, and history and geography do too when the children time travel. The stories are interspersed with a variety of short segments, structured in much the same way as Sesame Street, allowing a diversity of subject matter to be presented in a fast and lively way.

Children and parents will love to watch Amadeus and Maria Anna embark on their inspiring adventures, as they cavort through a landscape lush with fantasy, music and art.

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