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Interspersed throughout Mozartland are segments that serve as fun and imaginative learning tools. For example, in a sequence that teaches children about the concepts of pitch and amplitude, Karl-Zoltan, our two-headed eagle, begins by quibbling over how high or low, and how loud or soft, the notes should be. They finally collaborate by adjusting both in their musical performance. Another series features the famous painting, “Children’s Games", by Pieter Brueghel the Elder. Painted in 1559-60, the Flemish masterpiece represents 84 games, some of which are practiced to this day. Each segment brings the painting to life by introducng a new game through use of animation.

Some of the subjects introduced through the segments are history (through time travel), geography, color, music, poetry, movement and dance, astronomy, Pythagoras and his music of the spheres, art history, botany and visualization.

Children's Games, by Pieter Breughal. Roll the cursor over the painting to see the children play!


Children's Games


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