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What the ABC's are to Sesame Street, Do Re Mi is to Mozartland. Most of us have heard of the "Mozart Effect". Simply put, by listening to complex musical sounds (such as Mozart's!), children will develop the same areas of the brain that are required for math and spatial reasoning. Likewise, brains are enriched when children are exposed to art, which encompasses shapes, color and patterns.

This TV series targets 4 to 7 year olds with the intention to infuse in them a classical European education, similar to what Amadeus Mozart and his sister might have experienced, albeit with a 21st century twist. With the help of modern, digital technology, it's possible to create a fantastic reality with interactive tools, that give your children a head start. MozArtLand abounds with music, art, science and adventure that will delight and inspire both your child and you.


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